After 20 Years of Proven Success, Melaleuca's Growth Continues!

When Melaleuca started in 1985, it had seven employees and eight products. Twenty years later, Melaleuca has grown into an international wellness company that employs more than 2,500 people, manufactures more than 300 products, and has a proven growth record that continues year after year. This year we have reached another milestone … over $700 million in sales! And we’re steadily approaching the $1 billion mark.

This achievement means more than just money. It means that Melaleuca businesses are growing and lives are being enhanced around the world. It means families are accomplishing their physical, financial and personal goals. It means that every year, more and more people are choosing a wellness lifestyle. And it means that there is a marvelous future ahead for those who want to make a difference for themselves, their loved ones and everyone they meet. It doesn’t matter if you are a Corporate Director or just starting your Melaleuca business—this is the place to accomplish your goals, to find success, and to “build a business to last a lifetime.”

What’s Behind the Growth?
Let’s take a look at some of the competitive advantages Melaleuca enjoys. These advantages form the foundation of an impressive history leading to a spectacular future.

For more than two decades, Melaleuca has offered an unparalleled opportunity to own and operate a real business with real products and make real money with the support and assurance of a company that will continue to grow long into the future. With this unmatched growth in the United States, Canada and around the world, complimented by the impressive figures from 2005, Melaleuca has proven again and again that this is where you come to “build a business to last a lifetime.”

‘Perfect’ Timing
Talk in other ‘opportunities’ is often about timing-by ‘getting in’ early, you optimize your profitability potential. A quick glance at Melaleuca’s marketing plan over the years shows that the profitability potential was pretty good in years past. But today’s business potential is now better than it has ever been. And in another 5, 10 and 20 years, it will be even better. This is how Melaleuca works. By providing the best business support possible backed by exceptional products, focus is placed on success not just for today but for years to come. That is enhancing lives.

Here’s an example to illustrate this point. Executive Director VIII Tom Pisano enrolled in 1991, nearly 15 years ago. During his first year, he worked tirelessly to build his Melaleuca business and made approximately $116,000 in 12 months. If he had enrolled in 2005 and put in the exact same amount of work, building the same Melaleuca business, he would have earned nearly $400,000 in 12 months. The profitability potential just keeps getting better.

Melaleuca, an Authentic Business Opportunity
One of the reasons Melaleuca is so successful and continues to grow is because Melaleuca provides an authentic business opportunity. We attract real customers who grow to love our products. We are able to thrive against even the largest manufacturers and retailers by leveraging a disruptive business model. Our innovative approach to customer value, customer experience and customer proximity enables Melaleuca to engage the heart and mind of both customers and business builders as we enhance lives around the world.

"No matter how bad the economy is, people will always need to shower, shave, and brush their teeth — people will always need these products"

Authentic Business
It seems like every week a new business opportunity is launched offering unique product and promising unlimited income potential. In truth, developing a real business opportunity requires more thought and preparation than most founders invest. That is why so many ‘business opportunities’ fail. A true business opportunity must be able to acquire customers and sales from powerful and entrenched competitors. In short, it must be disruptive to the natural order of things in a given industry. Disruptive businesses are innovative businesses that succeed in changing the rules of the industry they compete in to achieve competitive advantage. In computers, Dell is currently the disruptive force. In coffee, it’s Starbucks. In books, it’s In air travel, it’s Southwest. In rental cars, it’s Enterprise. In video rentals, it’s Netflix. In direct sales, it’s Melaleuca! These companies all have three things in common. They have carefully defined their approach to customer value, customer experience and customer proximity—to change the rules of the game and disrupt larger competitors. One key difference between Melaleuca and all other business opportunities out there is that Melaleuca leverages a truly disruptive business model. Melaleuca provides innovative value by offering exceptional products at reasonable prices. Melaleuca provides a more personalized experience for the shopper than they get when shopping in today’s cavernous stores. In most cases you personally know the person who introduced you to Melaleuca. And because Melaleuca is a global leader in direct-to-consumer marketing, its innovative approach to customer proximity allows you flexibility in building your business while building lasting relationships with customers worldwide.

‘Exclusive’ Products
Products are at the heart of every viable consumables business. An authentic business opportunity needs to have 1) exclusive products that 2) are effective in delivering the promised benefit and 3) are priced to capture real transactions from competing products in the general marketplace. Many MLM business opportunities have “exclusive” products, but often lack scientific evidence of effectiveness and typically price their products 3-5 times higher than competing goods in the mass market. People are not buying their products based on the value they deliver. They buy them because one day they hope to become rich. These are not real business opportunities. Real opportunities enable real business owners to capture real transactions from the real marketplace.

The best way to evaluate any business opportunity is to imagine separating the product from the income opportunity and placing the product into the mass market. If the product, offered to the market at its listed price, is capable of both attracting and keeping customers over the long term, the opportunity is real. If it isn’t, the opportunity is not real. To illustrate this point, consider the many MLM ‘business opportunities’ out there today selling exotic juice drinks. Are the various exotic juices exclusive? Yes. Do the magic juices have all of the scientific evidence to back up the claims they make? No. Are the magic juices priced to compete with similar products in the marketplace? No. Based on this simple review, it becomes clear that the business opportunities selling magic juice are not real business opportunities. Like many that have come before them, they have no long-term staying power. In contrast, Melaleuca has a 20-year track record of growth offering exclusive products that are effective and are priced to compete and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Capture the Heart and Head
Many MLM businesses are overly fixated on money. This cult-like focus can limit their ability to help people, or worse, it can actually lead them to harm other people financially. For any business to be truly effective, it must engage the heart and head. It must enable belief among its people in four key areas. First, the business must have a noble mission - like Enhancing Lives. Second, the products must clearly support the mission—like helping people reach their wellness goals. Third, the day-to-day work of the business must help develop and improve people—so they reach their personal, professional and family goals. And fourth, the business opportunity must be able to deliver supplemental income in both the short and long term.

Growth in Action
Success stories abound at Melaleuca. People are setting and achieving goals. Families are living the lifestyles of their dreams. They are living healthier. They are retiring earlier. They are financially secure. And the best thing is that there are more and more of them as time passes. It’s not just a few at the top—anyone can do it, and they are doing it.

Executive Directors
Glenn & Laurie Schworm

“Melaleuca will go on with or without any of us,” says Executive Director Glenn Schworm. “It’s too strong, and it’s built on the right principles. That gives us a choice: we can look back in 20 years and say, ‘Look what I built.’ Or we can look back and say, ‘Wow, I really wish I’d built more.’”
Two years ago Glenn decided to stop clinging to a tired direct-marketing company after watching his friends, Executive Directors IV Anthony and Angela Cook, increase their earnings with Melaleuca.

“When I first talked to Angela, she said, ‘I don’t know about other companies, but I know that no matter what happens, no matter how bad the economy is, people will always need to shower, shave, and brush their teeth—people will always need these products,’” Glenn says. “That stuck with me, and every time I went to the grocery store to buy toothpaste, I thought about that comment. Every time I talked to them, their income had been growing, and they were doing it without any experienced network marketers.”

Now within only their second year, the Schworm’s 2005 income totaled more than $100,000 in Melaleuca commissions.

Senior Director IV
Ki-Afi Moyo

“No matter how you look at it, Melaleuca provides the best investment vehicle for your time,” says Senior Director IV Ki-Afi Moyo. “If there’s anyone out there who’s hungry for adventure, expansion, and new challenges, I put the challenge out to them to give the business a try. It’s about living your dreams and allowing this company to be the vehicle to make it happen.”
When Ki-Afi Moyo enrolled in 2002, she simply had “too many irons in the fire” to work the business. But in October 2004, Ki-Afi bumped into Executive Directors II Sydney Stinson and Michael Ferguson at the 2004 National Black MBA Conference and Job Expo, where Ki-Afi was looking for a new challenge. As Michael and Sydney were raving about the growth of their business, Ki-Afi realized that she didn’t need to look any farther for financial opportunities, as the best one was right under her nose.
Now in only her third year, Ki-Afi’s 2005 Melaleuca commissions totaled over $53,000.
Senior Director V
Madeline Kaye

After 20 years with a multi-level marketing company, Senior Director V Maddy Kaye experienced a reality check at the hand of her best friend, Executive Director II Becky D. Smith.

“The first two times Becky called me about Melaleuca, I hung up on her, even though I was in such severe credit card debt at the time, and my income was the lowest it had ever been,” Maddy says. “But I was already using MelaPower® (and paying $30 for it). Finally, I came over to her house for Memorial Day weekend. I told her, ‘I don’t want to hear about Melaleuca; I’ll give you a half hour at the end of our visit.’ Well, I was relaxing on her deck, when she brought the phone out to me, saying, ‘Maddy, someone wants to talk to you.’ She put Executive Director II Phil Blurton on the phone with me and they helped me look at the facts: I wasn’t making any money with this other company and I was never going to get anywhere. It was like, ‘What does it take to get you to let go and start something new?’ Enrolling was the best decision I ever made.”

As Becky helped Maddy get on her feet, the simplicity of the business was almost overwhelming. “Becky said, ‘Okay, now go out and find eight people who are brushing their teeth and showering,’ and I said, ‘Done.’ She said, ‘Okay, now help at least five of those eight people to find eight people who are brushing their teeth and showering,’ and I said, ‘Why? What’s the point?’ She shaped the vision for me; she said, ‘Maddy, you can go out and have Melaleuca buy you a new car.’ I became a Senior Director in five months, and I received more recognition from Melaleuca than I had in 20 years with the other company.”

Now within only her first full year, Maddy’s 2005 income totaled more than $90,000 in Melaleuca commissions.

No other business opportunity comes close to delivering the potential that Melaleuca offers to good, honest, hard working people. The choice is yours. Choose to invest time in yourself. Choose to invest time in your future. Decide to join us in the noble cause of enhancing the lives of those we touch.

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